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Magic You Encournter
Posted by: easyeverett (75.170.198.---)
Date: February 20, 2009 11:32PM

I cut the deck of cards
and saw a little speck
of mutilated magic
get stuck inside a rut upon the floor
An episodic irritant quite
tenuous and tragic
when a monolithic magic
from a funerary deck
can knock the locks off your ront door

I'd seen it all before
but now this momentary magic
morphed once more
to raise the whore of Babylon
with seven heads of heaven
on a viper's viscous body
and embedded silver-wings of tempered steel

A pestilential diachronic prophet
on the cusp of corrupted cogitation
who bellows loud with fetid breath -
a galvanizing Hittite from the Testament of old

A barbarous carnivore
belched from the belly of the Beast
where drowned Phoenician
sailors with their skin
encrusted in
the salty brine of sea
have viral spores that leak and pour
gregarious plague
in a rampant spasm of contraction
through protracted pulse reaction
spilling out in gross eruptions
all corruption
mixed with rum and blood and golden grains
of axial occlusion

Magic morphs again
a truck drivin' man
with Japanese beetles for his eyes
a wraith with tantric scratches
on his back
a book of fancy matches
and a pack
of Camel cigarettes

"Need a smoke " the trucker jokes
then coughs up clots of cloudy blood
He takes another toke
as the blood becomes a flood

"No thanks" I say
"I must be on my way
I'm heading for revival
to ensure my own survival
and I'm late for my arrival
but I thank you anyway"

He melts down to a cricket
in a thicket by the truck
A sticky little wicket
is a cricket in the muck

Extraordinary things
occur on some occasions
to ordinary beings
as magical invasions

We cannot be defined
by our picnics in the pine
or even understood
by strolling through the wood

Every day in every way a man must learn
to be what a man must be
Don't confront the fire
of another's private burn
And don't pretend to see what you never really see
Just let the world in leisure turn
upon its axis free
then magic you encounter
will be counted revelry

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