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Losing It
Posted by: frost42_24 (67.185.68.---)
Date: October 10, 2008 04:53AM

(I don't know how to bump, but consider this a bump of my "autumn poem")

Losing It~

driving in my car
taking life in
bite-size to go
bone cold now
for the next
four months at least

all of our falls
raked away and
stored safely in
black drawstrings
alongside the unsavored
Thanksgiving scraps
never more to be seen

if only I could let go
of their echo (the falls)
thirty bark bare
trees line the
already frozen
chuck holed street

I am shocked to see
one insolent Maple
near full foliage defiance
with bright yellow
creeping through
the frost

I mean a full
head of hair
not receding
one leaf to
season's age
how is that possible?

I've driven by it
every day for
two weeks
expecting to see
the change
but it remains

today, I am not
the tree
I've faced the cold
and weathered it
with less grace
losing parts of me
that cannot rejuvenate
in Spring

lucky bastard, tree

Re: Losing It
Posted by: hpesoj (69.116.241.---)
Date: October 10, 2008 07:40AM


Excellent! Filled with memorable images. I especially like, "taking life in bite-size to go pieces," and "a full head of hair."

I'm glad you re-posted this since I don't recall the original post. For the future, bumping requires nothing more than locating the poem, adding the "bump" message to the other replies, and posting the message.


Re: Losing It
Posted by: les712 (68.185.64.---)
Date: October 10, 2008 10:45AM

Yep, I like this one Frosty. Nature, you gotta love it!


Re: Losing It
Posted by: frost42_24 (67.185.68.---)
Date: October 10, 2008 03:45PM


thanks! This is one of my favorites of mine...and the two parts you pointed out are my 2 favorite phrases too. Isn't there something about great minds thinking alike? hehe. Thanks to you and Les both for the comments. And thanks for the BUMP instructions.


Re: Losing It
Posted by: les712 (68.116.92.---)
Date: October 08, 2011 06:08AM

tis the season

Re: Losing It
Posted by: frost42_24 (67.160.36.---)
Date: October 08, 2011 06:21PM

indeed it is...ahhhhh. Magical.

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