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post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: Desi (
Date: May 26, 2005 03:56AM

Author: cherrytreeinspring (
Date: 05-25-05 21:59

Will Will Im just so stressed out about the government I mean they have and army and bombs.My kids are at my dads I used condoms I got depo I took the morning after pill Its impossible to be pregnant at all Impossible I swear Im just like worried but I know Im not pregnant my husbond is in jail.

Anyways President Putin has the weapons but I know we are not togeter he is married to the blond lady dont let him lie and say he has a red head wife because Pardra is his wife.The blond lady that writes long letters.

Anyways will you run the government find out what happened to the missing weapons They were nuclear weapons William I need you to work for the government and find out if they are in safe keepingand safe from comming to any harm to England or france. Russia is a comunist country not the monarchy so find out is all is well and the monarchy is safe from the missing weapons please its important and I lost the nimber to the president of russia.

I need YOU WILL to fulfill your dutys as a king and run the cops and the government

Listen to this is this new to you america and the senate made a revolution they freed the entire world with their army they made russia be a free country from the USSR the old name with comunism to Russia the new name.They made france be a democracy and have a president and freed france anarchy for the world and they over through Iraqs government into democracy too not with me will we foght for Iraq to be the monarchy rember!You need to join up and talk to BUSH about governmental issues like this revolution that is literally bringing crazed gunmen to kill all americand America talks about world war all the time well talk about americas world war! making every govewrnment in the world be a democracy and have the american flag is starting a war with all the countries government not world freedom world anarchy is crazy.And they are collecting oil to make a bomb big enough to destroy the world and that is how they did it threaten to blow up the whole thing and that is why everyone is dead.

But the thing is the entire country isnt doing it I dont think the senateors and the senate the old guys like 80 or 90 are illegally and frauduantly running the american government bad guys have taken over the US government and are running the country! Listes the senators are supposto be voted new guys every 2-4 years like voting democracy like the world has to or you know what and they have been ther they have been senators for like 50 years or mare sence or before WW2 world war 2 .Get it the senators have been senators for 50 years or mare and they are illegal legally they are to be voted and re voted every 2 to 4 years like the president.The senate is illegal!! Fraud and Major criminals that need to be and legally should be pubiclicy Exicuted for plotting to blow up the world and murder everyone on it.Get it?Look you have to stop them from getting anymore oil at all wer must have world peace.And ther is life on other planets like Sky walker is a real person this means there is an alert in the galixy about this that could and is hurting the universe with these nuclear weapons in other word William you start saving the world and helping it now or in 2010 the senate will ruien it for everyone I heard it from there own ugly mouths they are the bad guys!

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: JohnnySansCulo (
Date: May 26, 2005 09:30AM

Will, Will,
I'm just so stressed
out about
the government

and that's just a small sample
It's all in how you phrase it !

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: Desi (Moderator)
Date: May 27, 2005 11:47AM

I need YOU WILL to fulfill your dutys as a king
and run the cops and the government
just forget democracy and its development
I don't CARE WILL that you are just a princling

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: JohnnySansCulo (
Date: May 27, 2005 03:06PM

I need you Will
TO fulfill
your duties as a king

means naught to me
you princey little thing !

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Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: Desi (Moderator)
Date: May 27, 2005 03:33PM


Clearly shows I'm not a poet...

It's awful. I love singing, but can't sing. I love poetry, but don't have a gene of creativity in me.

Am going to hide now. Let me know when Will answers.

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: JohnnySansCulo (
Date: May 27, 2005 04:34PM

The first stanza is all yours.......I think you are one, anyway

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: Desi (Moderator)
Date: May 27, 2005 04:57PM

Listen to this
is this
new to you
america and the senate made a revolution
they freed the entire world with their army
they made russia be a free country
from the USSR the old name with comunism to
Russia the new name.

Listen to this
is this
new to you
the people of the US made a discovery
they are the example to all
russia free now, everyone happy
all free market equals
with Poetin the most equal of all.

you never knew did you
how it was the US enforced democracy.
It's time you come over and take control.
Many people are starving.
Democracy holds sway.
We need a king dictator
who will keep famine away.

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: jerrygarner7 (
Date: May 27, 2005 06:36PM

William is unable to respond, he remains in his pronoun cell.
That arrow in his sonís I, was not the results of a lack of skill, rather a requirement for this hedonistic Tale.

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: A-Leenos (
Date: May 28, 2005 09:00AM

Well phrased Desi, Loved it !

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: Desi (Moderator)
Date: May 31, 2005 05:31AM

thank you johnny and A-leenos. If just only I could learn how to do things with rhyme and metre. Knowing the theory is very much different than being able to apply it!

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: Jean-Paul (209.226.48.---)
Date: June 01, 2005 02:43PM

Will is not real.
He died at childbirth.
He was replaced by a polymorphic android.
That means "he" is neither a "he" nor a "she"
"He" is fuelled by squirrel tongue extract and maple syrup

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: JohnnySansCulo (
Date: June 01, 2005 02:45PM

Hey Jean-Paul-Georges-Ringeaux !

Good to see you again !

Thought you quit in disgust or something smiling smiley

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: love sees no color (
Date: June 04, 2005 12:08AM

Look its real. Im sorry if you didnt find out your self that the USA ended the USSR and called it russia and now the USA is at war with the USSR over it.There are Russians all over this place ready to fight a warrior.They call america a super power.America is a bunch of peace loving hippies unexpecting all the attaks.

We went to war in irak to stop the killings right from the Iraqies then the, Russians or should we call them the soviets what do they perfer to be called, came at us from behind and got the rest of them.

Look the USA and its peoples are in big trouble.We have to stop the revolution.We have to make russia a communist country again.Who wants to help me make russia a communist country again? Then they will go away and they will stop the war the only way to really stop thje terrorists to to end the revolution!

The USA and the senators have a problem with the entire world.They sat that black people have to be there slaves and children are starving to death in africa and they are sayins China has to make everything for them for free or they will fight and kill and bomb them.Another world war.

They are serously saying democracy and freedom is better than communism when it is freezing cold in Russia and no food grows there and communism was the only thing keeping threm warm and feeding them.But the USA serously believes that communism is bad for russian people and they think that they are helping them by making the USSR a free country.Its wrong.

The USA also believes serously that the monarchy is a dictatporship and that the monarchy is bad for their people too.That the monarchy has to free its people.Its wrong too.

They belives every other color than them deserves to be their slaves because of their color black arab chinese.

The congress building is holding these dicussions that is drugging out the people and making them serously believe these things.

When the truth is that Communism is the form of government Russia needs for their people to have money and heat.The monarchy is the best tye of government for a country even the kingdom of god is a monarchy.

The truth is no matter what color you are you do not deserve to be an american slave.No matter what color you are you are still a good person with feelings like everyone else.

NORMALICY Common sence is all you realy need.

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: prinsessrosemarry (
Date: June 04, 2005 12:42AM

Its always 100 degreese on me and the rest of the world is flooding.Sorry but I am her her highness and I would be her highness if I married prince William.I must be doing something right.I love prince William.I wouldnt want our marriage to stop the ruling of the government because ruling the government is important.But I wish above all people in all the world I promise this to you that I love prince Will Will is my sun Will is the sunshine in my sky the love of my life.He is my eternal glow from my heart with love for him.Prince Will is my inspration he is my strength he is my hope he is my dream he is my everything.He is my king I worship him always as my king my higher power my influence my strength my Will my sunshine of love when everything is dark there is my light of love and that is Prince Will the king of England great briton!

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: quiet dont tell everyone all the work (
Date: June 04, 2005 12:54AM

See you really believe that freedom and slavery are better than a kingdom and good kings and Queens like god created the world with you believe that the people of Russia are happier now with gettos war from america and they are all freezing because freedom collapsed their heater system of communism.

All the bloody people in the schools and the malls and the citys oh was Timmy Timmy of oklahoma white? Oh russians?Happy?What about okey Regan freed Russia with that guy Gorbachoff that had big bloody spots on his head he is happy and Regans wife got cancer and lost 1 boob and regan got shot.Okey prince William.

So the people of russia are happy.Could you imagine the revolution when you freed russia from communism.The people of russia want to be free they are happy now the freezing starving in death white intellegent fair people.But yet to get them that way there was bloody head gorbachoff and shot Regan they want to be free!

See looks like a war sene to me ther buddy.Friendly guy.

blindness comes from the free and the brave.

Re: post by cherrytreeinspring
Posted by: do you believe? (
Date: June 04, 2005 01:11AM

Tell me who believes in communism?????Will Prince Harry Prince Charles and his new happy smiling wife.Do you all believe in communism?

This is a way I look at it if you believe in the monarchy big palaces elegent dresses and riches and a kingdom and people then you have to believe in communism.Becaues they are both being threatened by the same people the same thing freedom.

Any free person will talk crap about their government.Freedom is not perfect! But for any person or group of people to actually think and believe that their government freedom is better for the people of every government in the the world has something majorly wrong with them.Its wrong and to a sane person does not make sence.The reason must be being the is that all americans smoke pot! They smoke pot pot must make them think that free the world is the answer but it is causing them world war but maybe they are too stoned to realise it.Im sober I dont do drugs at all none and Im now going to AA meetings and now I have been sober from alchol for 2 months about Im sober! Get a grip on reality!Stoners free the world they must all be stoned.No way the monarchy rains on forever!

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