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looking for author and complete poem
Posted by: joan smith (
Date: February 03, 2005 03:51PM

looking for poem and author. i think poem is called"animal birds". first lines something like this
lions and tigers and bears,oh my
supposing these animals all could fly.

Re: looking for author and complete poem
Posted by: Hugh Clary (
Date: February 04, 2005 12:26PM

Re: looking for author and complete poem
Posted by: joan smith (
Date: February 04, 2005 03:46PM

thanks. have tried this kind of search before with several search engines and never found the poem. went to 30 pages again but gave up.

Re: looking for author and complete poem
Posted by: LRye (
Date: February 04, 2005 08:40PM

That was a childhood joke---

birdie birdie in the sky
dropped some white-wash in my eye

me dont worry, me dont cry
me just glad that cows dont fly.


Re: looking for author and complete poem
Posted by: JohnnySansCulo (
Date: February 05, 2005 10:33AM

fire fire false alarm
baby peed on daddys arm
daddy said it didnt hurt
so baby gave another squirt

Re: looking for author and complete poem
Posted by: springcherrytree (
Date: February 05, 2005 05:04PM

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Re: looking for author and complete poem
Posted by: princessDaisy!! (
Date: February 05, 2005 05:27PM

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