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HELP!! I need a thank you poem
Posted by: Christina (
Date: August 16, 2004 11:21AM

I am getting married in 3 weeks and my girlfriends are throwing me a mad hatter's teaparty themed shower. Well, I thought it would be cute to buy them each a teapot to say thank you and I want to attach a cute little poem that says thank you with the word tea in it, but I am having trouble coming up with something clever. If anyone can help, please do.

Re: HELP!! I need a thank you poem
Posted by: Johnny SansCulo (
Date: August 16, 2004 11:40AM

"it's always tea-time,
and we've no time
to wash the things between whiles."
I thank you so well
for being so swell
and thank you for giving me tea-smiles

Re: HELP!! I need a thank you poem
Posted by: Pam Adams (
Date: August 16, 2004 01:42PM

How about the first stanza (or perhaps just through 'with jest and glitter' ) of this one?


Dining- Room Tea
by Rupert Brooke

When you were there, and you, and you,
Happiness crowned the night; I too,
Laughing and looking, one of all,
I watched the quivering lamplight fall
On plate and flowers and pouring tea
And cup and cloth; and they and we
Flung all the dancing moments by
With jest and glitter. Lip and eye
Flashed on the glory, shone and cried,
Improvident, unmemoried;
And fitfully and like a flame
The light of laughter went and came.
Proud in their careless transience moved
The changing faces that I loved.

Till suddenly, and otherwhence,
I looked upon your innocence.
For lifted clear and still and strange
From the dark woven flow of change
Under a vast and starless sky
I saw the immortal moment lie.
One instant I, an instant, knew
As God knows all. And it and you
I, above Time, oh, blind! could see
In witless immortality.
I saw the marble cup; the tea,
Hung on the air, an amber stream;
I saw the fire's unglittering gleam,
The painted flame, the frozen smoke.
No more the flooding lamplight broke
On flying eyes and lips and hair;
But lay, but slept unbroken there,
On stiller flesh, and body breathless,
And lips and laughter stayed and deathless,
And words on which no silence grew.
Light was more alive than you.

For suddenly, and otherwhence,
I looked on your magnificence.
I saw the stillness and the light,
And you, august, immortal, white,
Holy and strange; and every glint
Posture and jest and thought and tint
Freed from the mask of transiency,
Triumphant in eternity,
Immote, immortal.

Dazed at length
Human eyes grew, mortal strength
Wearied; and Time began to creep.
Change closed about me like a sleep.
Light glinted on the eyes I loved.
The cup was filled. The bodies moved.
The drifting petal came to ground.
The laughter chimed its perfect round.
The broken syllable was ended.
And I, so certain and so friended,
How could I cloud, or how distress,
The heaven of your unconsciousness?
Or shake at Time's sufficient spell,
Stammering of lights unutterable?
The eternal holiness of you,
The timeless end, you never knew,
The peace that lay, the light that shone.
You never knew that I had gone
A million miles away, and stayed
A million years. The laughter played
Unbroken round me; and the jest
Flashed on. And we that knew the best
Down wonderful hours grew happier yet.
I sang at heart, and talked, and eat,
And lived from laugh to laugh, I too,
When you were there, and you, and you.

Re: HELP!! I need a thank you poem
Posted by: Marian-NYC (12.154.236.---)
Date: August 16, 2004 06:33PM

You could borrow the gimmick from the "Lee" song (from the musical "1776") and mangle a lot of words that end with TEA or TEE or TY:



My feminini-tea



(Bonus: They all rhyme!)

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