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Lyrical Poetry
Posted by: Jean-Paul (
Date: July 19, 2004 06:25PM

I noticed this thread is closed, even though there is no end in sight for potential submissions.

Re: Lyrical Poetry
Posted by: peternsz (
Date: July 19, 2004 06:48PM

Closed? I'ts taken all my postings today.


Re: Lyrical Poetry
Posted by: Jean-Paul (
Date: July 21, 2004 04:29AM

Sorry, I meant another thread I was going to post to

It was called "Lyrical Poems, Songs in Other Words" (or something like that)

"....And some kid comes
blasting 'round the corner
but some cop
puts him right away.
He lays on the street,
holding his legs,
screaming something in Spanish,
still breathing when I walked away.
And someone said
hey man! did ya see that?
His body hit the street with such a beautiful THUD!!!...."

Bruce Springsteen, The Flood

"I "Love Summer more than I hate Winter"

Re: Lyrical Poetry
Posted by: lg (
Date: July 21, 2004 04:53AM

That thread is now called "Disc cuts/casual rhythms". It's over on the USP forum.


Post Edited (07-21-04 03:54)

Re: Lyrical Poetry
Posted by: Jean-Paul (
Date: July 22, 2004 03:52AM

Thanks buddy

"I "Love Summer more than I hate Winter"

Re: poems
Posted by: trin tran (159.115.213.---)
Date: September 30, 2004 08:59PM


Indigo, from the womb of the zenith in autumn,
Ablaze onto the silver clouds, above;
Its wings unfolds to welcome the silent evening.
Its hue, smeared upon the calm sea,
And the sea, from its grave, rises to sing lyrics,
Ever a jolly poet.

Re: Lyrical Poetry
Posted by: Marian-NYC (
Date: October 01, 2004 01:54AM

While I enjoy discussing the poetry in/of song lyrics (and I often sumbit song lyrics when someone is looking for lots of poems on a particular theme), I also feel bound to point out (again):

The term LYRIC POETRY does not refer to song lyrics. It's a lit-crit term for a kind of poetry that recreates intense, usually transitory, emotions. There's a whole thread on that somewhere around here.

Re: Lyrical Poetry
Posted by: Hugh Clary (
Date: October 01, 2004 12:00PM

As opposed to dramatic or narrative poetry, that do not recreate intense, usually transitory, emotions I'm guessing. Muddy waters, fer sure. Perhaps there is a difference between lyric poetry and lyrical poetry?

Re: Lyrical Poetry
Posted by: peternsz (
Date: October 01, 2004 02:20PM

. . .the nature of lyric poetry has changed greatly.
Ever since the rise of the printing press in the
fifteenth century, poets have written less often for
singers, more often for readers. In general, this
tendency has made lyric poems contain less
word-music and (since they can be pondered on a
page) more thought—and perhaps more complicated

--X.J. Kennedy

Re: Lyrical Poetry
Posted by: IanB (
Date: October 01, 2004 08:13PM

I have never quite got reconciled to the word 'song' being used to refer just to the music, as distinct from the accompanying lyrics. To me it should always cover both. When you ask someone to "give us a song", you don't expect them just to hum the tune, unless they can't remember the words.

Another oddity is the use of the plural 'lyrics' to refer to the written text of a song. 'Lyric' doesn't mean 'word', so there's no need to say 'lyrics' when you mean 'words'. The plural seems to assume that the text was composed gradually, in bits and pieces.

Re: Lyrical Poetry
Posted by: Jean-Paul (
Date: November 09, 2004 09:53PM


I never knew that

"I "Love Summer more than I hate Winter"

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