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Finding Your Way Home
Posted by: Jean-Paul (
Date: June 06, 2004 02:28PM

A freaky thing just happened to me.

Two months ago, I had to find a place to live because my wife was having an affair and she was making life unbearable for me. I was in a hurry, and so I had to find the cheapest decent place available. I rented a tiny bachelor apartment, but I had to give half my stuff away (I had no room for any furniture). Then she moved and told me to get rid of our dog. I found a good home for him and haven't seen him in a month. He just showed on my doorstep
Does anyone have a poem for this?

"I "Love Summer more than I hate Winter"

Re: Finding Your Way Home
Posted by: Jeanete (
Date: June 08, 2004 09:58AM

Jean-Paul I do not have a poem but I do have a kind word. I hope you can find everything your looking for. Maybe the dog on your doorstep is a sign that things aren't always as bad as they seem. Good luck. J

Re: Finding Your Way Home
Posted by: Hugh Clary (
Date: June 08, 2004 12:19PM

I bookmarked this page a while back:

[] />
This one is particularly poignant:

The dog of God has no free will.
He lives by the master's convenience.
Left alone for long periods to fend for himself,
Nothing to drink, not a scrap in the bowl.
Parasites, ear mites, worms in the flesh.
The rapier teeth of a hundred invaders
Have left their marks, and the old whiskered maw
Is white with the years. A cataract clouds
The left brown eye, the malformed other perpetually weeps.
His loping gait is long since gone, he limps
And hobbles from gate to gate.
But when the Master returns from his business
The hound of heaven staggers down the path to meet him,
Manged tail clapping with joy.

Re: Finding Your Way Home
Posted by: Pam Adams (
Date: June 08, 2004 01:45PM

Can't think of a poem, but it's essentially the plotline of Lassie come Home.


Re: Finding Your Way Home
Posted by: rikki (
Date: June 08, 2004 08:13PM

Charles Bukowski liked dogs, and often compared them (favourably) to women. This little poem is from his book "Love is a Dog from Hell."
Good luck, Jean-Paul.


a single dog
walking alone on a hot sidewalk of
appears to have the power
of ten thousand gods.

why is this?

Re: Finding Your Way Home
Posted by: JohnnySansCulo (
Date: June 09, 2004 09:51AM

Dogs are not like women.

The later you come home, the HAPPIER the dog is !

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