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Original Author of Poem
Posted by: fly (66.138.1.---)
Date: February 11, 2004 10:07AM

I think I have posted this before, but who is the original author of this poem, please, I just hate seeing it posted on page after page with no credit as to who wrote it~ thanks!!

There must be a beautiful morning somewhere
A dawn lit by justice and where judgment is fair
A place where a helping hand is held out
An ear that will listen stands poised and devout
A place you can go when your heart needs attending
A place where a spirit gets healing and mending
A place where love's fire burns bright day and night
And in from the cold you may warm by its light

There must be a brilliant evening somewhere
Where the sun finally sets on pain and despair
Where the coming of night is not filled with grief
And comforting sleep brings you joyful relief

A place where the sunset is apt to reflect
A day without malice, without disrespect
A place where the only tears shed, are tears of joy
And a heart is not battered and bounced like a toy

There must be a wonderful day somewhere
In a place filled with love and a great need to care
A place where the burdens of conflict are lifted
Where love is a skill and all lovers are gifted

Where daily are spoken the words that support
And every mistake is not met with impatient retort
A place where the land has not soaked up the blood
Where honor and truth are not cast in the mud

A place where the children are not left alone
Where Sisters and Brothers may come to atone
Where homeless and helpless don't cower in fright
Where the hearts and the minds of the world can unite

So you set out on a journey to seek out this land
With compass and map and a vision so grand
To find peace and comfort in a world that's so new
Where waters are crystal and skies are so blue

With showers that cleanse and winds that refresh
Where the spirit is fed and not just the flesh
But search as you may, what you'll find to be true
Is that it cannot be found, until it's found within you.

Re: Original Author of Poem
Posted by: -Les- (
Date: February 11, 2004 11:37AM

All the sources I've seen list the author as unknown.


Re: Original Author of Poem
Posted by: Hugh Clary (
Date: February 11, 2004 06:53PM

Lots of metric construction errors, so maybe no one wanted to own up to it.

Re: Original Author of Poem
Posted by: Marian-NYC (
Date: February 12, 2004 01:20PM

This website: [] />
gives the author as "J. David Solomon."

Perhaps the website owner can confirm that?

This one: [] />
offers another poem by "J. David Solomon"--comparable.

And "the original work of Poet J. David Solomon" can also be found in THE SEARCH, "a book containing 35 love and inspirational poems for your reading pleasure", available via:
[] />
So I think that's your guy, and you could probably reach him via the publisher to make certain.

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