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Merry Christmas to our poets’ fraternity on the portal /Jesus Christ- Great Vi
Posted by: Seshendra Sharma (196.12.39.---)
Date: December 24, 2003 07:00AM

Jesus Christ- Great Visionary, epitome of humaneness
Christmas has arrived. This festival, celebrated the world over is birthday of Jesus Christ. He is the human epitome of two Himalayan traits of humanity i.e. compassion and self-sacrifice.
Like Rama, Krishna and Buddha, in other countries too, many great personalities are there. But in any epoch great men are few and all of them are worthy of worship. But after knowing Jesus through Bible one comes to know what truth is.

Jesus viewed the entire human kind as two classes. One the Philistines and plebeians the other. That means the rich and the poor, oppressors and the oppressed. Jesus declared that only the oppressed shall have the right to enter heaven the oppressors shall not have the same. He says” poor man can enter the gates of heaven and a rich man cannot. A camel can pass through the eye of an needle but a rich man cannot enter heaven.”
Jesus is the first protagonist of the poor. He detested the rich. Thus Jesus is the first great visionary in recorded history of the mankind to have seen this ultimate truth hidden in the inner most labyrinths of human society. For several reasons this truth was not realized by others. Only the day when we face this cruel truth and smash it to smithereens, classless society would dawn and in such an exploitation-free and egalitarian society heaven would be available to one and all.
Thus Lord Jesus is Marx born 18,19, centuries before Marx. The Great Latin poet Virgil is described as a Christian even before (100 years) the advent of Jesus Christ.
There are great men galore in history of the mankind. But no one got vision of this truth. Only Jesus is blessed with this great vision. And he dedicated his entire life to translate this great vision into reality. Eventually he had to lay down his life at the altar of this very vision. For this very vision he was crucified. If all the great men in the human history are mountains,Lord Jesus is Mount Everest among them. I prostrate to him and touch his divine feet with my forehead.
-Seshendra Sharma

Re: Merry Christmas to our poets’ fraternity on the portal /Jesus Christ- Great Vi
Posted by: Hugh Clary (
Date: December 24, 2003 12:43PM

Horsefeathers! And not even the obligatory two jpg files of yourself attached. Tsk.

Re: Merry Christmas to our poets’ fraternity on the portal /Jesus Christ- Great Vi
Posted by: fly (66.138.1.---)
Date: December 28, 2003 08:50AM

right on brother!!

Re: Dick Turpin
Posted by: Moira (
Date: March 22, 2004 06:02PM

I'm looking for the words to a poem about Dick Turpin. No it is NOT the Alfred Noyes "Highwayman". I only remember the last few lines:
"It stood as in the gates of Hell
With none to hear or see
Welcome it said, thoest ridden well
And outstripped all but me."

Can anyone help me? Thanks

Re: Dick Turpin
Posted by: Pam Adams (
Date: March 22, 2004 06:44PM

Here's one- don't know if it's what you want.



Turpin’s Rant
A New Song.

On Hounslow Heath as I rid o’er
I spy’d a Lawyer just before,
I asked him if he was not afraid
Of TURPIN, that mischievous Blade.
Sing, O rare Turpin, O rare Turpin, O.

Says Turpin, I have been most cute,1
For my Money is hid within my Boot,
Says the Lawyer, there is none can find
For mine lies in my Cape behind.

They rid till they came to the powder Mill,2
When Turpin bid the Lawyer to stand still,
Stand, Sir, your Cape it must come off,
For my Horse does want a Saddle Cloth.
Sing, &c.

He rob’d the Lawyer of all his Store,
But he knows how to Lie for more,3
But if you my Case should Plead,
Or ever I should stand in Need,
A word or two you may put in,
My Name is saucy DICK TURPIN.4
Sing, &c.

At Epping they said they would kill
Turpin that had never done them Ill,
But he, more nimbler than they,
Shot his Carbine, and Dead was he.5
Sing, &c.

And now they say that they will hang
Turpin, as they have done his Gang,
But an Hundred Pounds whene’er I Die
I’ll leave Jack Ketch for a Legacy.6
Sing, O rare Turpin, O rare Turpin, O.

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