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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Posted by: Rhonda Watson (
Date: December 19, 2003 06:51PM

Does anyone know the poem from which this line is taken:

"It was her thinking of others that made you think of her."

It was attributed to Browning, but I cannot locate it - Thank you!

Re: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Posted by: Marian-NYC (
Date: December 22, 2003 04:26PM

Dear Rhonda,

Not FOUND, but I have two thoughts to share.

First, I did find the quote with the word "that" missing, so MAYBE this is the correct version (maybe not!):

'Twas her thinking of others,
made you think of her.

Second, it has happened before that someone looked and looked for a line from E.B.B.'s poetry... and finally found that it was from one of her LETTERS, not from a poem at all. This might be an example.

Okay, three thoughts:

Third, if-when you find it, please post the answer here!

Re: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Posted by: Henry (213.78.105.---)
Date: December 22, 2003 05:01PM

From [] />
Posted by mike on November 16, 19101 at 15:52:29:

In Reply to: poem by elizabeth barrett browning posted by leslie little on June 16, 19101 at 10:34:27:

I used to have it memorized but my gray cells are dying off. Here is most of it. If you find the complete poem, do please pass it on to me.

My Kate by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

She wasn’t as pretty as women I know
Though all your best made of sunshine or snow
Drop to shade melt to naught in the long trodden ways
While she’s still remembered on warm and cold days.

Her air had a meaning, her movements a grace
So that you turned from the fairest to gaze at her face
And when you had once seen her forehead and mouth
You saw as distinctly her soul and her truth.

Such a blue inner light from her eyelids outbroke
That you looked at her silence and fancied she spoke.
When she did so gentle and soft was the tone
Though the loudest spoke also you heard her alone.

I doubt that she said to you much that would act
As a thought or suggestion in the sense ???
To attract the worldly or wise, I infer
Twas her thinking of others made you think of her.

None knelt at her feet as lovers in thrall
They knelt more to god than they used, that was all.
If you praised her as charming some asked what you meant.
But the charm of her presence was felt when she went.

She never found fault with you, never implied
You wrong by her right; and yet men at her side
Grew nobler, girls purer, as through the whole town
The children were gladder that pulled at her gown.

The weak and the gentle, the ribald and rude
She took as she found them and did them all good.
It was always so with her … now see what she gave,
She has made the grass greener even here with her grave.

Re: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Posted by: Pam Adams (134.71.192.---)
Date: December 22, 2003 05:06PM

If Marian-NYC is right, (and she usually is!!) then the poem is 'My Kate,' by EBB. There's a copy on the web, but it's from someone's memory, which may be fallible. [] />
It's also available in The Complete Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning- I could read it in the table of contents using Amazon's 'Search the Book.' You might try a library, if you don't want the whole collection.


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