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A Walk in the Park
Posted by: IanB (
Date: September 17, 2003 07:04PM

I have to assemble a program for an in-club, amateur theatricals cabaret/concert on 22/23 Oct the advertised theme of which is ‘A Walk in the Park’. Up to an hour of short acts such as songs / dances / monologues / light verse recitations / sketches– whatever the participating members (middle aged and elderly men and women – all young at heart) can manage.

So far in the verse and song categories we have Tom Lehrer’s ‘Poisoning Pigeons in the Park’, ‘The Spangled Pandemonium’ by Palmer Brown, ‘Do You Know How To Get Tar Off Trousers’ (Norman Long), ‘I Talk To The Trees’ from Lerner & Loewe’s Paint Your Waggon’, and that remarkable love song to a tree, Handel’s ‘Largo’ from his opera ‘Xerxes’ (there's a fine tenor in the cast). No monologues or worthwhile sketches, unless someone writes one, but time is short.

Can you help me fill the Park with any other bright ideas?

Re: A Walk in the Park
Posted by: Marian-NYC (
Date: September 17, 2003 07:15PM

There's a very short play (really a sketch) called "The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year" -- by John Guare.

One man, one woman, and a park bench.

I saw it done as an "act" in a cabaret night thing and it made a nice change from the jokes and songs.

You have to know the song "The Loveliest Night of the Year" in order to sing the alternative lyrics to it, in the play.

Re: A Walk in the Park
Posted by: Jack? (
Date: September 17, 2003 07:52PM


Sondheim wrote a show titled 'Sunday in the park with George'. Some good painterly stuff in there. He also wrote 'A Little Night Music', which contains the tune 'A weekend in the country'. Not exactly the park. It's a bitch to sing (like all Sondheim) but very entertaining.
Also the kite song from 'You're a good man Charlie Brown' has a 'parky' feel to it.

Break a leg.


Re: A Walk in the Park
Posted by: -Les- (
Date: September 17, 2003 09:53PM

Anybody up for a lip sync? How about the song "Sunday's Will Never Be the Same" by Spanky and Our Gang. "Lazy Day" by the same group would also work I think.


Re: A Walk in the Park
Posted by: rikki (
Date: September 17, 2003 11:54PM

I'm not sure if this is the kind of thing you have in mind, but how about a poem recital as a contrast between musical numbers - for a bit of nostalgia and contrast in time, something like "Rotten Row" (about Hyde Park in London) by Frederick Locker Lampson:

I hope I'm fond of much that's good,
As well as much that's gay;
I'd like the country if I could;
I love the Park in May:
And when I ride in Rotten Row,
I wonder why they call'd it so.

A lively scene on turf and road;
The crowd is bravely drest:
The Ladies' Mile has overflow'd,
The chairs are in request:
The nimble air, so soft, so clear,
Can hardly stir a ringlet here.

I'll halt beneath those pleasant trees, --
And drop my bridle-rein,
And, quite alone, indulge at ease
The philosophic vein:
I'll moralise on all I see --
Yes, it was all arranged for me!

Forsooth, and on a livelier spot
The sunbeam never shines.
Fair ladies here can talk and trot
With statesmen and divines:
Could I have chosen, I'd have been
A Duke, a Beauty, or a Dean.

What grooms! What gallant gentlemen!
What well-appointed hacks!
What glory in their pace, and then
What Beauty on their backs!
My Pegasus would never flag
If weighted as my Lady's nag.

But where is now the courtly troop
That once rode laughing by?
I miss the curls of Cantelupe,
The laugh of Lady Di:
They all could laugh from night to morn,
And Time has laugh'd them all to scorn.

I then could frolic in the van
With dukes and dandy earls;
Then I was thought a nice young man
By rather nice young girls!
I've half a mind to join Miss Browne,
And try one canter up and down.

Ah, no -- I'll linger here awhile,
And dream of days of yore;
For me bright eyes have lost the smile,
The sunny smile they wore: --
Perhaps they say, what I'll allow,
That I'm not quite so handsome now.


or for a complete contrast in mood maybe Carl Sandburg contemplating a bronze statue in the park -


Re: A Walk in the Park
Posted by: glenda (
Date: September 18, 2003 12:48AM

Central Park at Dusk

Buildings above the leafless trees
Loom high as castles in a dream,

While one by one the lamps come out
To thread the twilight with a gleam.

There is no sign of leaf or bud,
A hush is over everything--

Silent as women wait for love,
The world is waiting for the spring.

-- Sara Teasdale

Re: A Walk in the Park
Posted by: StephenFryer (
Date: September 18, 2003 03:06AM

There's Parklife, by Blur: but I think you need to be at a live Blur concert to get it.

Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as... (Parklife!)
And morning soup can be avoided if you take a route straight chrough what is known as... (Parklife!)
John's got brewer's droop, he gets intimidated by the dirty pigeons - they love a bit of it. (Parklife!)
Who's that gut lord marching? You should cut down on your porklife, mate, get some exercise! (Parklife!)

All the people
So many people
And they all go hand in hand
Hand in hand through their parklife

Know what I mean?

I get up when I want, except on Wednesdays, when I get rudely wakened by the dustmen. (Parklife!)
I put my trousers on, have a cup of tea, and I think about leaving the house. (Parklife!)
I feed the pigeons, I sometimes feed the sparrows too.
It gives me a sense of enormous well-being. (Parklife!)
And then I'm happy for the rest of the day,
safe in the knowledge there will always be a bit of my heart devoted to it.


Parklife - Parklife!
Parklife - Parklife!
It's got nothing to do with your vorsprung durch technic, you now.
Parklife - Parklife!
And it's not about you joggers who go round and round and round...
Parklife - Parklife!



Re: A Walk in the Park
Posted by: Marian-NYC (
Date: September 18, 2003 09:46AM

David Mamet's play DUCK VARIATIONS: two old men sitting on a park bench, making pseudo-philosophical observations as they watch ducks in a pond.

I've seen it broken up one "variation" played between other things... worked well.

Re: A Walk in the Park
Posted by: glenda (
Date: September 18, 2003 11:24AM

Song: Old Friends (Bookends Theme)
Artist: Simon & Garfunkel

Old friends,
Old friends
Sat on their park bench
Like bookends.
A newspaper blown through the grass
Falls on the round toes
On the high shoes
Of the old friends.

Old friends,
Winter companions,
The old men
Lost in their overcoats,
Waiting for the sunset.
The sounds of the city,
Sifting through the trees,
Settle like dust
On the shoulders
Of the old friends.

Can you imagine us
Years from today,
Sharing a park bench quietly?
How terribly strange
To be seventy.

Old friends,
Memory brushes the same years.
Silently sharing the same fear....

Re: A Walk in the Park
Posted by: IanB (
Date: September 19, 2003 09:55AM

Thanks to you all for some great ideas and suggestions. Will work on them and see what can be done.


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