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Doggerel Days of Summer
Posted by: Marian-NYC (
Date: August 26, 2003 04:14PM

I have nothing to say on this subject. I just thought we needed a new topic and that's what popped into my head.

Re: Doggerel Days of Summer
Posted by: -Les- (
Date: August 26, 2003 04:26PM

Here are some snippets of cases involving courtroom appearances.

Judge: The charge here is theft of frozen chickens. Are you the defendant?
Defendant: No, sir, I'm the guy who stole the chickens.

Lawyer: How do you feel about defense attorneys?
Juror: I think they should all be drowned at birth.
Lawyer: Well, then, you are obviously biased for the prosecution.
Juror: That's not true. I think prosecutors should be drowned at birth, too.

Judge: Is there any reason you could not serve as a juror in this case?
Juror: I don't want to be away from my job that long.
Judge: Can't they do without you at work?
Juror: Yes, but I don't want them to know it.

There are more of these at this website:

[] />


Re: Doggerel Days of Summer
Posted by: Pam Adams (---)
Date: August 26, 2003 07:40PM

Here's a poem that might fit the topic.

Pretty Halcyon Days

How pleasant to sit on the beach,
On the beach, on the sand, in the sun,
With ocean galore within reach,
And nothing at all to be done!
No letters to answer,
No bills to be burned,
No work to be shirked,
No cash to be earned.
It is pleasant to sit on the beach
With nothing at all to be done.

How pleasant to look at the ocean,
Democratic and damp; indiscriminate;
It fills me with noble emotion
To think I am able to swim in it.
To lave in the wave,
Majestic and chilly,
Tomorrow I crave;
But today it is silly.
It is pleasant to look at the ocean;
Tomorrow, perhaps, I shall swim in it.

How pleasant to gaze at the sailors,
As their sailboats they manfully sail
With the vigor of vikings and whalers
In the days of the viking and whale.
They sport on the brink
Of the shad and the shark;
If itís windy they sink;
If it isnít, they park.
It is pleasant to gaze at the sailors,
To gaze without having to sail.

How pleasant the salt anaesthetic
Of the air and the sand and the sun;
Leave the earth to the strong and athletic,
And the sea to adventure upon.
But the sun and the sand
No contractor can copy;
We lie in the land
Of the lotus and poppy;
We vegetate, calm and aesthetic,
On the beach, on the sand, in the sun.
- Ogden Nash


Re: Doggerel Days of Summer
Posted by: rikki (
Date: August 26, 2003 09:27PM

The bright-haired, blue-eyed last of Summer. Lo,
Her clear song lives in all the winds that blow;
The upland torrent and the lowland rill,
The stream of valley and the spring of hill,
The pools that slumber and the brooks that run
Where dense the leaves are, green the light of sun,
Take all her grace of voice and colour. She,
With rich warm vine-blood splashed from heel to knee,
Comes radiant through the yellow woodlands. Far
And near her sweet gifts shine like star by star.
She is the true Demeter. Life of root
Glows under her in gardens flushed with fruit;
She fills the fields with strength and passionómakes
A fire of lustre on the lawn-ringed lakes;
Her beauty awes the great wild sea; the height
Of grey magnificence takes strange delight
And softens at her presence, at the dear
Sweet face whose memory beams through all the year.

Henry Kendall.

(I visited Henry's historic stone cottage last week; i was the only visitor there, and i stood in his bedroom and listened to the sounds of the creek and the bellbirds outside. It was beautiful. I recommend it to anyone going to Gosford, NSW)

Re: Doggerel Days of Summer
Posted by: Marian-NYC (
Date: August 28, 2003 03:54PM

A "haiku" posted at

pleasure from pain?
tomorrow u`ll be pretty
sunburn fades

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