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New Man As Poet
Posted by: StephenFryer (
Date: August 06, 2003 10:39AM

This was the Daily Poem in the Daily Mail for August 4, 2003; I thought I ought to share it with you - especially with my long-suffering fellow conspirators/refugees from the Poetry Library site.


Iíve never wandered like a cloud Ė
Although Iíve sometimes felt alone Ė
And daffodils, massed in a crowd,
Just make me wish they hadnít grown.

Iím not sure I would keep my head
If all about were losing theirs,
Iíd wildly run around instead
While knocking over all the chairs.

No mariner has stopped me short
When Iím alone, or one of three,
But surely shooting birds is sport
And not a cause of agony.

Iíve never been in Reading Gaol,
Where men each kill the thing they love,
Although it proves the average male
Is steel inside a velvet glove.

I have no urge to stop the clocks
Or feed some dog a juicy bone,
I was brought up to take hard knocks
The only death Iíll mournís my own.

My life, I think, is full of care Ė
Which is the fate of modern man Ė
With no time left to stop and stare
And wonder how it all began.

For when the distant curfew tolls,
And ploughmen plod their weary way,
I do not envy them their roles
And rush for my train every day.

I have not died, yet still I plead,
That you should only think of me
And write my epitaph to read:
ĎLess poet, more nonentityí.

Ken Elvy
Harrow, Middx


Re: New Man As Poet
Posted by: marian2 (
Date: August 06, 2003 10:54AM

Brilliant! A certain Mr Motion should look to his Laureate!

Re: New Man As Poet
Posted by: dennis (
Date: August 06, 2003 10:55AM

This seems to be a series of only slightly related epigrams or
Gnomic poems. I don't feel the unity I have come to hope for in my
own work or the work I read. His criticism of the non-caring
"modern man" seems pertinent but feels like it leaves most of life
out of the entity class. Still, he does the four footed Iamb well.
thanx dlc

Re: New Man As Poet
Posted by: Hugh Clary (
Date: August 06, 2003 01:37PM

It's light verse, dennis.

Re: New Man As Poet
Posted by: Tigermonkey (
Date: August 06, 2003 04:48PM

As Poetry Library bingo goes, he's nearly got full house - now, if only he could wear purple, weave tangled webs or take a clattering train with his tribe (may it increase) to a place where nobody knows it but him.....

Re: New Man As Poet
Posted by: Linda (
Date: August 06, 2003 05:51PM

You have to have been there to understand the feeling.

Re: New Man As Poet
Posted by: Tandy (
Date: August 06, 2003 06:20PM

Right one, Tigermonkey!

Re: New Man As Poet
Posted by: Henry (213.78.160.---)
Date: August 06, 2003 08:51PM

William Henry Davies.
Always in our thoughts.


Re: New Man As Poet
Posted by: glenda (
Date: August 06, 2003 09:36PM

And, Tigermonkey, don't forget those diamond glints on snow!

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