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Site Logo
Posted by: kevin (
Date: June 29, 2003 04:17PM

Hey all,

Rudy, Arron and I are brainstorming over some new ideas for the poetry site. These ideas include many cool new features, some navigation changes, along with a few surprises.

Anyway, I am in charge of most of the layout and navigation of the poetry site and had an idea to give myself some inspiration. Since I am not a very artistic person (as you can tell from the purple ass in the top left corner), I would like the users to aid me with how they want this site to look and work.

To do this, I would like you (the user) to submit logos that encompass the atmosphere of the entire site. The following are some guidelines that I would to keep so this won't get out of hand.

1. Send your images to

2. Save your images in JPEG or GIF formats

3. DO NOT send large images, in file size and resolution
(I am not going to specify amounts, I don't want to hinder creativity)

4. DO NOT copy other people's work

5. AND LAST, submissions will become the property of


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Michele (
Date: July 30, 2003 08:29PM

I'm not artistic either. But why not, amidst all changes and renovations, keep your ass. I loathe the marketing peoples' seemingly compulsive need to be ever changing things!

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: carl saxon (
Date: July 31, 2003 11:10AM

Hey kevin. I am looking for a poem by robert frost discussing promises to keep, and miles to go before i sleep

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Tigermonkey (
Date: July 31, 2003 03:16PM

Sorry, I'm not Kevin but hope I'll do.

"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening", Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village, though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Marian-NYC (
Date: August 01, 2003 12:24PM

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: E.J. Lewis (203.162.4.---)
Date: September 22, 2003 07:11AM

While doing some research of your poetic submissions, I came upon subject.
Get many suggestions yet ?
There is a greek mythological Muse for poetry. Of the 9 listed in Websters Collegiate which one is he/she? Once known, you can start looking for a picture or drawing which could lead to other ideas.
Once you have created an acceptable logo, who will search the universal copyright files to make sure it doesn't duplicate existing copyrighted logos ?

E.J. Lewis

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Marian-NYC (
Date: September 22, 2003 12:51PM

There are 3Muses of poetry:

Calliope (epic poetry)

Erato (love poetry)

Euterpe (lyric poetry)

Three muses would make a nice logo, I agree!

(Hey, maybe that's how eMule got it's name! Maybe it was supposed to be called eMuse, but there was a typo!)

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Hugh Clary (
Date: September 22, 2003 02:50PM

Let us not omit Thalia - muse of comedy and pastoral poetry, and one of the Three Graces as well.

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: E.J. Lewis (203.162.4.---)
Date: September 22, 2003 03:10PM

Marian - very good. I also note that all these muses are feminen gods.
But how about "Polyhymnia" - Godess of Sacred Poetry ?
Should choose one that has the best possibilities for graphic art.
Was thinking along the lines of the Caduceus for the Medical profession, or the Theatre masks for Pathos and Pleasure.
Keep tuned.

E.J. Lewis

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Talia (216.117.98.---)
Date: September 22, 2003 03:42PM


My doctor told me she thought my name was a Greek godess. I have never heard of Thalia (except for the Mexican singer).

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Marian-NYC (12.154.236.---)
Date: September 22, 2003 05:43PM


The Muses WERE Goddesses. "Muse" was their job description, not their rank.

Mind you , all this is translated from Ancient Greek, so there are different ways of writing out this list. Here's the one I've been using.

In Greek mythology, the nine goddesses known as the Muses were:

Clio (history)

Calliope (epic poetry)

Erato (love poetry)

Euterpe (lyric poetry)

Melpomene (tragedy)

Polyhymnia (song, rhetoric, and geometry)

Thalia (comedy)

Terpsichore (dancing)

Urania (astronomy and astrology)

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Hugh Clary (
Date: September 22, 2003 08:03PM

When recalling those poetry Muses,
Greek history always confuses
The roles of these spirits,
But I want to make clear it's
Erato that gives me the oozes.

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Pam Adams (---)
Date: September 22, 2003 08:53PM

You'd think I'd know better than to be drinking something while reading your posts.


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: -Les- (
Date: September 22, 2003 09:18PM

What does Sartre the learned philospher have to say about that primal ooze? Google came up with this:

To understand and to sympathize with Sartre's basic
experience I need only recall the disgusting feeling
of coming on a "gooey" lump in a puree. "Gooeyness"
is indeed the key word, but it is, for Sartre, gooeyness
on an enormous scale: only an insignificant part of what
he means to convey would be grasped if it were not actually
gooey, at least tending towards gooeyness.
(The Philosophy of Existentialism, p. 51)

Sometimes, when my dad's uncertain about the future,
he'll say aloud, "I'm feeling the gooeyness of
existence" and we'll have a good laugh.

At any rate, your reflection upon or extension of
Van Til's remarks is correct in my opinion.
Marcel goes on to spell out just this sort of
connection when he notes, "This kind of materiality
is experienced by Sartre not as an overabundance of
being but as fundamental and absurd contingency.
Nausea is, at bottom, the experience of contingency
and of the absurdity which attaches to existence as
such." (p. 53, 54)

So the fact that the unbeliever does not see in
starker contrast this contingency pitted against
God's Word and world is a stunning testament to
his rebellious nature and our laziness in not
confronting him with this contrast.

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Talia (216.117.99.---)
Date: September 23, 2003 11:17AM

My mother should have named me Melopmene.

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Hugh Clary (
Date: September 23, 2003 11:59AM

The Muse of tradegy?

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Marian-NYC (12.154.236.---)
Date: September 23, 2003 01:38PM

I pity a girl in grade school named Melpomene. What the other kids would make of it ... (shudder)

Edward Gorey ref'd that muse in one of his works: THE UNSTRUNG HARP, OR, MR. EARBRASS WRITES A NOVEL. During a bit of writer's block, Mr. Earbrass goes to the theatre, where he sees "The Nephew's Tragedy" performed by The West Mortshire Impassioned Amateurs of Melpomene.

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Hugh Clary (
Date: September 23, 2003 03:06PM

There once was a Muse named Melpomene
Who repeatedly suffered ignominy,
For her other eight sisters
Had found themselves misters,
But poor little Mel couldn't glom any.

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Pam Adams (---)
Date: September 23, 2003 03:12PM

'Call me Melpomeme?" If you like science fiction/fantasy, you'll find a heroine named after you in Mercedes Lackey's books. Try Arrows of the Queen. (And a Melpomeme in John Barnes Orbital Resonance)


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: E.J. Lewis (203.162.4.---)
Date: September 23, 2003 03:16PM

This thing is getting out of hand. Do you all remember what we started off talking about. It was creating a logo for e-mule.
Thinking it over, I agree with the person that suggested leaving it as it is. We've become accustomed to seeing it as a jackass for many years, so why change it ?
Don't try to complicate things.
However, if you must, another guy suggests changing it to E-muse. Then it would be appropriate to change the logo into something E-musing.
How about an open book lying flat on a slanted surface. Add a hand grasping a plume pen. Throw stage curtains around it as a frame. As for colors - leave it in black and white and use a shading technique to give it a depth dimension. No one has suggested a-musing which is what this is turning out to be.
Kevin - what's the latest progress report ?

E.J. Lewis

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Talia (216.117.99.---)
Date: September 23, 2003 03:59PM

What do you know?


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Jack? (
Date: September 23, 2003 04:03PM

Not all poetry is fluffy, but this formation was too hard to pass up.
[] />

Post Edited (09-23-03 15:07)

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: -Les- (
Date: September 23, 2003 04:12PM

Jack, your cut and paste techniques are reaching new heights.


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Pam Adams (---)
Date: September 23, 2003 09:35PM

Keeping to the subject! What kind of idea is that?


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: glenda (
Date: September 24, 2003 12:19AM

I would like to keep the mule. It makes me smile. I wouldn't mind if it weren't pink.

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: kevin (208.34.24.---)
Date: September 24, 2003 01:55PM

I have nothing really to report. Although, this brainstorming is sparking some ideas. Like Aaron I just recently change jobs and haven't had much time to actually do any work on the site. However, I will eventually make time if I have to.

Thanks for everybody's input.


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: kevin (208.34.24.---)
Date: September 24, 2003 02:09PM

I keep telling myself to keep the mule, which I'm leaning toward. However, I would like a graphic that's a bit more professional. I think the current logo looks half-ass-ed (no pun intended).

As far as the colors go, I kinda like the dark blue with the pink & purple highlights. But the Mule will probably be a bit less pink in the next design.


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Pam Adams (---)
Date: September 24, 2003 03:54PM

Just to change the subject- I find the auto-signatures really annoying. Would it be possible to drop that particular 'upgrade?'


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: kevin (208.34.24.---)
Date: September 24, 2003 04:31PM

I believe you can turn off the Auto Signature feature under your User Profile. Click on the 'My Profile' next to 'Log Out' and empty out the signature text box. I might be incorrect, but I don't use this feature and honestly didn't even know it was there.


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Pam Adams (---)
Date: September 24, 2003 04:42PM

I didn't know it myself until I finally created a login account. (I was forced to by the Lost Poetry) Unfortunately, my issue is with other people's signatures, not mine.


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: E.J. Lewis (203.162.4.---)
Date: September 27, 2003 06:08AM

To Kevin - Notwithstanding the interruption of Miss Adams, have a little something to for you until you can get the wheels going again.


I was looking for some poetry
And came across E-Mule.
What's a jackass got to do with poetry ?
Do you think I am a fool ?

The logo is very amusing,
The site under copyright protection.
But a mule and a bard together,
I cannot see the connection.

Now, had it been E-Muse
With a drawing of a poet,
I'd believe you immediately,
It's a fact, don't you know.

So, put this to some thought.
Look at it from every angle.
Best to change it to E-Muse
To stop all of this wrangle.

E.J. Lewis

P.S. Don't forget to purge this thread of all items irrelevant so as not to clutter up the file.


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: E.J. Lewis (203.162.4.---)
Date: October 02, 2003 02:54PM

Pink it is. I don't care for it.

Here are a few more ideas for a new logo. Of course, all are predicated on the fact that you have changed the site address to .

1. On the HotBar at the top of this page see: Lyres and pot of ink with quil pen.
2. Use opened scroll with crossed quil pens.
3. Open book superimposed on open scroll. Add in quil pens.
4. Half body of an effet in right profile contemplating a skull. More theatrical than poetic.
5. Standing effet (right profile). Straight blond hair with bangs. Open neck silk shirt with draping full sleeves. Buttoned and slightly raised right arm with hand grasping (delicately) quil pen. Left arm holding open book of poetry.
6. See page 808 - column 1 - of Webster's New World Dictionary - 3rd edition. Drawing of a muse plucking the strings of a lyre.
7. How about a unicorn - page 1458.
8. Gamboling satyr playing his panpipes.
9. Ask Walt Disney Inc. if you can use some of their images. Tell them that you have no money to pay for author's permission fee.
10. How about a guy (turbaned) sitting under a palm tree in the desert writing poetry. Add a half-consumed loaf of bread and a half liter bottle of wine in the sand. Apologies to Omar Khayyman.

Make it real idylic (romantic) with hearts and flowers and doves as fill-in.

E.J. Lewis

Re: Site Logo
Posted by: -Les- (
Date: October 02, 2003 03:09PM

Kevin, regarding E. J.'s statement:

I think you can start with the post above this one.


Re: Site Logo
Posted by: Hugh Clary (
Date: October 03, 2003 12:40PM

Oh, puleeze! Like Stephen has something else to do but read rhymes to rug rats.

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