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A Touch of Colour
Posted by: Derek Simonds (
Date: June 21, 2003 12:48PM

Looking for a poem with the words ' A touch of colour' in it. I do not know if this is the title of the poem or whether it is a line in the poem

Re: A Touch of Colour
Posted by: Les (
Date: June 21, 2003 03:06PM

Here's one, probably not "the" one, but interesting nevertheless:

Lady, thy face is very beautiful,
A calm and stately beauty:
thy dark hair Hangs
as the passing winds paid homage there;
And gems, such gems as only princes cull
From earth's rich veins,
are round thy neck and arm;

Ivory, with just one touch of colour warm;
And thy white robe floats queen-like, suiting well
A shape such as in ancient pictures dwell!
If thou hadst lived in that old haunted time,
When sovereign Beauty was a thing sublime,
For which knights went to battle, and her glove
Had even more of glory than of love;--

Hadst thou lived in those days, how chivalrie,
With brand and banner, would have honour'd thee!
Then had this picture been a chronicle,
Of whose contents might only poets tell
What king had worn thy chains, what heroes sigh'd,
What thousands nameless, hopeless, for thee died.

But thou art of the Present--there is nought
About thee for the dreaming minstrel's thought,
Save vague imagination, which still lives
Upon the charmed light all beauty gives.
What hath romancing lute, or fancied line,
Or colour'd words to do with thee or thine?
No, the chords sleep in silence at thy feet,
They have no measures for thy music meet;
The poet hath no part in it, his dream
Would too much idleness of flattery seem;
And to that lovely picture only pays
The wordless homage of a lingering gaze.


Re: A Touch of Colour
Posted by: marian2 (
Date: June 22, 2003 04:32AM

The title is 'Lady , thy face is very beautiful and the author is
Laetitia Elizabeth Landon (First published 1829).

Re: A Touch of Colour
Posted by: Derek Simonds (
Date: June 26, 2003 03:59AM

Sorry Les, This is not the poem, although as you say it is interesting.My sister (who wants the poem)mislaid it many moons ago


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