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help writing a poem
Posted by: Sara (
Date: June 13, 2003 08:56AM

Theme : People look for a chance which is already in their hands.
I need to write a free verse poem and a extended metaphor (any poetic using car as subject) about this them. Can anyone help me?

Re: help writing a poem
Posted by: Pam Adams (---)
Date: June 13, 2003 12:39PM

Well, free verse means - it doesn't have to rhyme, and it doesn't need a fixed meter.

First, I would try thinking up the extended metaphor. The idea is that of people looking for things that they already have. (Joni Mitchell-
You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.') How could you translate that into an idea using a car? Think of cars, travelling, freeways, traffic jams, vacations, drive-in movies (well, maybe not- you're probably too young).

Once you've got a metaphor in mind, you should be able to do the poem. Perhaps personalize it- tell a story where YOU kept looking for something that you already had.

Good luck,


Re: help writing a poem
Posted by: dennis (
Date: July 10, 2003 12:17PM

Looking inward discover an object or idea which you can use in place
of a car-think of an extension of this idea. Choose a rythym. Tell us
about the "car". Don't use really short lines-they are easy but usually
ineffective. good luck dlc

Re: help writing a poem
Posted by: Elliot (149.123.60.---)
Date: September 05, 2003 05:44PM

Sara dawwling...

Free verse does not have to rhyme and it doesn't have to have a consistent meter. For those reasons, some say that it is more difficult to write something noteable (re: the "more rope..." metaphor). The bottom line about free verse is that to be considered notable or hopefully, great, it needs to "say something" and sound good/great (or as great as possible)in doing so. The way I'd start the assignment is something like this...

They come in all colors,
And any size you want.
They can be fast and environmentally friendly,
As they consume the remnants of fossils...

A decadent point of veiw, I know, but hey, it's a poem and a drab school assignment at that... Good luck. Get back to us so we can see how it turned out.


Re: help writing a poem
Posted by: ,nlbh,kjnkbhk (
Date: September 11, 2003 01:45AM

,n,ln ,,

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Re: help writing a poem
Posted by: Marian-NYC (
Date: September 11, 2003 11:44AM


If you're still visiting us from time to time, please share the poem you wrote!

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