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any poem
Posted by: Marie (
Date: May 13, 2003 12:49AM

My class is doing a project that is asking us to find 3 poems that all have the same topic
the problem is that i can't find a poem that interest me a lot.
I have to be able to analyze this poem later too.

i thought about finding a poem on life, but i'm not sure

any help would be greatly appreciated.

smiling smiley


Re: any poem
Posted by: Les (
Date: May 13, 2003 01:01AM

Here are some on death:

When I die
Author: Angelia (
Date: 05-06-03 17:45

As I watch the time go slowly by,
I wonder when I will die.
When I die I want it to rain,
I wonder if there will be pain.
I want to go out in a blaze of glory,
I don't want anyone to worry.
I want them all to remember me,
when I die I want to be free.
I think I would like to drift away,
to where the sun shines all day.

Author: Dr Pepper (
Date: 05-09-03 02:48
Starting Gun

I am a bloodied, lifeless form,
Hard laps are past me now.
Distinct as others run the race,
Split skull, grey flesh at my side.
No more I have to keep a pace.

The other side has come too soon.
And if, by my hand death did come,
That race will not be made to run.
Then find myself in starting blocks;
A pristine crack..., a starting gun.

It's destiny, for me, so soon,
As sure as light and fire.
Death by my own, not yet done.
No escape, it will be run.
A pristine crack..., a starting gun.

A Dream of Death
Author: The Rambler (164.113.111.---)
Date: 04-14-03 13:34

Through the abandoned city, I run
From the unearthly pursuers on my trail.
Twisting and turning, I flee,
Darting into shadow filled alleyways.

I try to hide, but all for naught--
Escape is pitifully impossible.
Poe’s Raven follows, thwarting my plans,
Croaking its evil “Nevermore.”

Again I turn foot, crying wildly
As I find I’ve backed myself into a corner.
Next to a deific temple who has
Been denied God’s presence.

Amidst the shadows they creep,
Reddish eyes glow steadily.
Closer they approach,
Their gnashing teeth all too clear.

My heart beats frantically
As I prepare for death.
The ghastly faces of my killers
Come into full view. . .

I awake.

Upon my bed I lie,
Soaked in the sickly sweat
That stings my eyes.
My body quivers.

Alone, I think of the dream;
Of the meaning shrouded within.
Gazing at the silhouettes of
Gnarled branches outside my window.

Having caught my breath
And soothed by the gentle breeze,
My eyes grow heavy;
I begin to sleep again.

Yet unbeknownst to me,
The tree limbs slither in.
My screams are cut short
As I’m wrenched from my bed.

Silence encompasses all
As I lie helpless below.
In the end, the beasts prevailed,
Howling as the Raven laughs.

These poems are all by amateur poets, but I believe they have enough in common to fill the needs of your school assignment. Good luck.


Re: any poem
Posted by: Chuck (
Date: May 21, 2003 11:31AM

Hello. I read your letter and I thought I had an idea for you. I like poems by E.A.P (Edgar Allen Poe). He writes about loss and love. I don't know about how hard it is for you to analyze a poem, but I enjoy all of his works.

Re: any poem
Posted by: douglas (
Date: May 21, 2003 12:51PM

A good subject to choose is war poetry as there is an obviouse link in the theme and many of the poems come from the heart as they are written in times of conflict. impress your teacher by talking about the relevance of the war in Iraq and how this compares to the british second world war.

try looking for Wilfred owen, Sigfried Sassoon or search for war poetry.

a particular favourite for teachers is Dulcie et decoram est pro patriat more.

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