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The Few Poems I Am Willing To Share
Posted by: lotta dirt (75.164.50.---)
Date: August 27, 2008 10:46PM

i don't know
don't know what id do
what id do without you
i would be alone
to the world
friends and all
not talking
zombified at the
thought that your gone
gone away
away and lost
lost that love
that love we have
just thinking about it
makes me cry
cry at the thought of
being alone
alone and afraid
to go and face
the world
without you

i never knew
how much i loved you
till the day
you came back to say
you wanted me back
forever and truly
i cried that night
from the thought of what
i did to you
i broke your heart
and made you weep
i felt like i
was going to seep
into the ground
never to be seen again
but you told me your feelings
to know you loved me so
made me sad to know
you did not deserve me
i thought i was just another body
to make another so happy
but when you said those words
i felt like i was somebody
somebody important
to be of value
i came back to you and i promised
promised to never
break your heart again
and if i ever do
.......i don't know
you choose

the moon is like a demonic sunrise
whispering to the creatures of the night
feeling the shadows essence flow through you
you wake up from a sleep less fright
the day has finally gone
and the night has finally came
to all the creatures of the night
i call to you
pour out of the waking shadows
fall out of the night sky
and rule the pplain forever
for if ever the sun comes back up
we shall hide
but when night comes
we shall rule once more

learn to love what you got
cause once you forget it is gone
the pain comes back
stabbing you
slicing you
making you bleed
you lose the ones you love
sometimes you lose yourself
falling back in a hole of pain
falling deeper and deeper
you cant get out
in the dark
the pain just makes you think
think you are nothing
and all so week
but the real you
the real one
the one that is loved knows best
it knows you are loved
you are cared for
you have friends you can turn to
so grab that hand to pull you out
out of that endless hole of pain
so dont forget the love you have
keep it
in ur heart
in ur mind
and never let go

there goes another
loved one taken
by deaths cold dark grasp
another day goes by
when you think they are there
but your just talking to yourself
it makes you blind
when your eyes
cant adjust
to what just happened
just BLINK
for the blinking may stop
when the story ends
unraveling the sadness
of death
and lost love
you dont want to hurt anymore
wondering if you can erase yourself away
the sorrow will
never leave
the pain will alwayse be there
never lifting the curse
of such painful sorrow
just BLINK

i was there when you died
i was there when you cried
i was there when you grew
i was there when you threw
away your life over
something so little
life can be so brittle
i wish i was there
when you said i dont care
i wish i was there
to help you heal
to know a little bit more
about how you feel
to change the world
in just one hand
to let go of time in
grains of sand
but i wish i was there
to hold your hand
when you said i don't care
but the wound had gotten too deep
it broke you up and made you weep
in hands of pain it made you seep
into the ground it will keep
your soul and body forever

Re: The Few Poems I Am Willing To Share
Posted by: lotta dirt (75.164.50.---)
Date: August 27, 2008 10:48PM

yea i have over 200 poems and more than half of them are too bad to share so i picked these and might post more later......but yea go ahead and rate them and discuss them to me

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