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God moves in mysterious ways
Posted by: Del (
Date: October 29, 2000 06:59PM

in the mid 50's I was required by a a high school teacher to memorize a poem (I think from an American poet) - All I remember are the first few lines:

God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to peform
He writes his footsteps on the sea and rides upon the storm.

If anyone knows the correct title and/or author of the poem, I would love to find it.


RE: God moves in mysterious ways
Posted by: Soma (
Date: October 29, 2000 10:37PM

William Cowper (1731-1800) a very English poet.

Del, your quote is from 'Olney Hymns' It has the subtitle 'Light Shining out of Darkness'
which I hope you find this message is, but the real light for you is to memorise the poem again.

Here is another Cowper which is very fine and a bit ahead of its time when one considers the
destruction of the Earth's forests and wilderness.

'The Poplar Field'

The poplars are felled; farewell to the shade
And the whispering sound of the cool colonnade;
The winds play no longer and sing in the leaves,
Nor Ouse on his bosom their image receives.

Twelve years have elapsed since I first took a view
Of my favourite field, and the bank where they grew;
And now in the grass behold they are laid
And the tree is my seat that once lent me shade!

The blackbird has fled to another retreat
Where the hazels afford him a screen from the heat,
And the scene where his melody charmed me before
Resounds with his sweet-flowing ditty no more.

My fugitive years are all hasting away,
And I must ere long lie as lowly as they
With a turf on my breast and a stone at my head,
Ere another such grove shall arise in its stead.

'Tis a sight to engage me, if anything can,
To muse on the perishing pleasures of man;
Though his life be a dream, his enjoyments, I see,
Have a being less durable even than he.

RE: God moves in mysterious ways
Posted by: Michael (
Date: October 30, 2000 04:29AM

Your simplest source will probably be the closest Protestant Church. Borrow a hymnal, and you'll find the five or six short stanzas under the title "God Moves in a Mysterious Way."

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