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  Announcement: Copyright 20151  root  12/10/2006 02:36PM 
Last Post by lg
  A Poet Died Today 10511  petersz  10/21/2013 12:34PM 
Last Post by luckykwzmitx
  petry 8930  merimeri  10/21/2013 12:33PM 
Last Post by merimeri
  Redneck Morals 9790  minglo  12/07/2011 02:45AM 
Last Post by minglo
  Elevator Magic 4647  minglo  12/07/2011 02:44AM 
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  Girls night out 5234  minglo  12/07/2011 02:43AM 
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  Girls night out 5455  minglo  11/30/2011 10:08PM 
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  Generous lawyer 4739  minglo  11/30/2011 10:06PM 
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  Pandora Eire, the precise jewellery in our desires 4399  jackywww  11/30/2011 01:12AM 
Last Post by jackywww
  Oscar Wilde's 'Impressions du Matin' and Matthew Arnold's 'West London' 8084  Amber_lou  09/19/2011 06:48PM 
Last Post by ssupreme11
  Poems on cheese 10569  12  IanAKB  09/19/2011 06:46PM 
Last Post by ssupreme11
  William Blake poem on ER? 15289  23  Peter Smith  09/19/2011 06:43PM 
Last Post by ssupreme11
  Best Poems encyclopedia seeks poems 5023  April21  09/03/2011 01:58PM 
Last Post by April21
  Portrait of the Poet as Landscape 9201  14  hpesoj  08/22/2011 05:58AM 
Last Post by bella10388
  Where to buy cheap item in china? 4770  Rudolf Huckle  08/12/2011 05:31AM 
Last Post by Rudolf Huckle
  Death by Herbert 9342  10  Poundeliot  07/29/2011 01:39PM 
Last Post by vanesha
  Poetry analysis help? please? 4441  Casey Harle  07/02/2011 03:29AM 
Last Post by Casey Harle
  How much custom duty I have to pay for 3digicam and 1 laptop? 4881  Heathcock  06/28/2011 01:28AM 
Last Post by Heathcock
  Earl King Poem 8643  userlynn  06/09/2011 11:45PM 
Last Post by taltom63
  Bells 5910  IanAKB  06/07/2011 12:32AM 
Last Post by bauer5152
  Does anyone know an author to this poem? 5490  melifair  05/30/2011 10:24AM 
Last Post by FlyingWish
  Does anyone know the author of Comes The Dawn? 20513  76  sjs  05/09/2011 05:04AM 
Last Post by Willy
  my comment 3256  jessie319  05/05/2011 10:43PM 
Last Post by medanum6298
  Dashiell Hammett 4579  15  misterF  04/29/2011 04:59AM 
Last Post by ligiahag7902
  John Fletcher 6167  nanchin  04/25/2011 09:21AM 
Last Post by payday loan
  Re: Clint Eastwood und die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit 5105  jessie319  04/17/2011 10:28AM 
Last Post by jessie319
  scuttling from the battle 5619  12  peter coupe  04/16/2011 05:07AM 
Last Post by prcoupe
  Want opinions/analysis on an extract from Macbeth 9553  muse  04/15/2011 04:49AM 
Last Post by jessie319
  I just want it share my favorite poem 4074  larrsmith07  04/15/2011 02:54AM 
Last Post by karlold1
  How can I become a computer software engineer? 3499  Limmonjjeckson  11/14/2010 01:51AM 
Last Post by Limmonjjeckson
  A blessing 3936  jmiles001  11/04/2010 09:02AM 
Last Post by lyly10388
  The Boy Who Dropped Litter by Lindsay MacRae 5080  mcdhthl  10/02/2010 04:01PM 
Last Post by loodl2
  Find poem: Put-Off Town. 7004  13  sue.ferdig  09/16/2010 06:54AM 
Last Post by athurart09
  Prince William 4839  20  JohnnySansCulo  09/13/2010 10:32PM 
Last Post by oldeyes
  g 3273  thedyingwillbleed  07/16/2010 03:29AM 
Last Post by petersz
  Help me with the title of this one! 4634  jheena789  07/14/2010 07:38AM 
Last Post by jheena789
  may you be blessed was stolen from me please help 4857  cdoelitzsch  06/15/2010 06:21PM 
Last Post by cdoelitzsch
  Try to read this beautiful poem by Elizabeth Bishop 3522  seakean001  06/08/2010 02:28AM 
Last Post by marian222
  Andrei Voznesensky, R.I.P. 3799  petersz  06/08/2010 02:24AM 
Last Post by marian222
  This is I love this poem 4539  jstone626  05/30/2010 10:53PM 
Last Post by jstone626
  Poseidon Infosoft: IT companies in india(Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India) 4596  tf2010r161  05/22/2010 11:18AM 
Last Post by tf2010r161
  Wordsworth's major poetic beliefs 4650  Jenny Ryan  04/30/2010 11:23PM 
Last Post by Jenny Ryan
  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 4202  softzyh  02/15/2010 06:01AM 
Last Post by Jennysoncialee
  Thomas Gray's "Elegy" 4235  Quetzalcoatl  02/03/2010 04:51AM 
Last Post by alanos
  After by Robert Browning 6177  Pauls!  02/03/2010 04:48AM 
Last Post by alanos
  Bears .................... again 5686  misterF  02/03/2010 04:45AM 
Last Post by alanos
  What are the benefits of web hosting? 4206  herbetshield  01/29/2010 02:05AM 
Last Post by Ruseineisalvira
  Kanzone? Canzoni? 5516  50  Jack  01/22/2010 03:29AM 
Last Post by misterF
  Notes on the poetic process 3914  petersz  12/23/2009 05:17AM 
Last Post by abbeytallbert
  "Boy on a swing" 36429  23  Chad  12/03/2009 01:39AM 
Last Post by adamholland73
  Spammers are back! Moderators needed. 4902  misterF  11/14/2009 11:20AM 
Last Post by misterF
  Who can give me a top 10 romantic love poem? 8471  16  shawtsai  11/07/2009 12:20AM 
Last Post by nihil
  Does the daily news always make bad poetry? 3493  petersz  11/06/2009 12:15PM 
Last Post by Ordinary_girl
  Help for a newcomer 5304  Marty  11/05/2009 11:13PM 
Last Post by UPMarty
  Increase Vocabulary-Fight Hunger 4948  hpesoj  10/22/2009 11:11AM 
Last Post by oldeyes
  MICHAEL PILLSBURY 4054  Jhonabraham  10/14/2009 07:19AM 
Last Post by marian222
  Who's the most active poet in your part of the world these days? 3751  petersz  10/06/2009 06:39PM 
Last Post by petersz
  Hide and Seek by Hugh Chesterman 8068  Lotus666  09/15/2009 01:51PM 
Last Post by ASG
  Michael Pillsbury? 4152  green1706  09/03/2009 06:55PM 
Last Post by petersz
  Help!! does someone has an english translation of this poem of Mario Benedetti? 12207  azul  09/03/2009 06:51PM 
Last Post by petersz
  search for source 3874  oldeyes  08/30/2009 08:48AM 
Last Post by IanAKB
  The Porgress of Spring by Alfred Lord Tennyson 5644  15  marian222  08/30/2009 08:38AM 
Last Post by IanAKB
  poem about writing 5289  11  Talia  08/11/2009 05:11AM 
Last Post by IanAKB
  How do I remove posts?? 3902  gwhutson  08/01/2009 05:00PM 
Last Post by B.E
  Christopher Wren 8866  12  Sally Henderson  07/06/2009 05:37AM 
Last Post by marian222
  A poem of "The Middle Passage" 5177  Boug Beaty  05/29/2009 05:18PM 
Last Post by misterF
  poems 4898  letta  04/19/2009 11:28PM 
Last Post by letta
  Need help 4168  letta  04/17/2009 06:38AM 
Last Post by IanAKB
Last Post by misterF
  Put-off-Town 6253  Gretchen Warren  03/12/2009 04:07AM 
Last Post by marian222
Last Post by IanAKB
  Teacher searching for a poem 4793  aaron  02/26/2009 09:11PM 
Last Post by Grizzled
  butterfly/love if you set it free and it comes back/poem 7784  02/26/2009 05:35PM 
Last Post by
  jon silkin poem 4248  deepthipattanath  02/12/2009 09:27AM 
Last Post by misterF
  DELETED 3829  easyeverett  02/09/2009 12:56AM 
Last Post by JohnnyBoy
  somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond 7144  Aaron  01/12/2009 08:22AM 
Last Post by eness
  Blake's 'dark, satanic mills' 18527  29  IanB  01/12/2009 02:47AM 
Last Post by petersz
  ONESELF doing 4064  theworld2  01/10/2009 12:08PM 
Last Post by theworld2
  Adults play with fireworks! You will be burns 4189  theworld2  01/10/2009 10:21AM 
Last Post by IanAKB
  Beginning to Be Unfinished 3734  petersz  01/08/2009 03:38AM 
Last Post by petersz
  My Poem??? 4591  Kelsey  12/27/2008 11:17PM 
Last Post by kelseyr
  Yale Poet to Read at Inauguration 4235  hpesoj  12/26/2008 12:43PM 
Last Post by JohnnyBoy
  Greetings! 3940  misterF  12/25/2008 03:36PM 
Last Post by JohnnyBoy
  Lord Walter's Wife - EBB 9657  Hugh Clary  12/21/2008 11:31PM 
Last Post by eness
  A S J Tessimond 8179  16  Stephen Fryer  12/20/2008 03:41AM 
Last Post by misterF
  I'm looking for a peom 5148  gaunt897  11/25/2008 12:41PM 
Last Post by JohnnyBoy
  "Come to the edge" poem 48269  17  Marian-NYC  11/20/2008 04:20PM 
Last Post by Eclipstar
  Library Thing 6334  Talia  11/18/2008 02:29AM 
Last Post by petersz
  Richard Wilber 7887  21  ink ghost  11/17/2008 10:50PM 
Last Post by petersz
  Jack Ridl 5744  15  Talia  11/17/2008 10:41PM 
Last Post by petersz
  help please 4080  sabrinaxo  10/27/2008 08:47PM 
Last Post by sabrinaxo
  trying to find the author of this poem and the exact words for a long time. help?!! 6294  cac8810  10/14/2008 11:46AM 
Last Post by JohnnyBoy
  New Poetry Contest 5179  hpesoj  09/28/2008 11:20AM 
Last Post by hpesoj
  Hey Marian-NYC (poem in a movie) 11721  15  ph  09/10/2008 01:40AM 
Last Post by OhDear
  Literary Quotes 5507  20  Talia  09/08/2008 03:35PM 
Last Post by JohnnyBoy
  The Few Poems I Am Willing To Share 4521  lotta dirt  08/27/2008 10:48PM 
Last Post by lotta dirt
  Pied Beauty 5217  Jude  08/17/2008 07:15AM 
Last Post by IanAKB
  Abu Ben Adam 14102  Graham Frame  08/05/2008 10:09AM 
Last Post by JohnnyBoy
  Sonnet sequence 6904  25  misterF  07/10/2008 06:30PM 
Last Post by hpesoj
  Robert Nathan 4534  marian222  05/27/2008 04:15AM 
Last Post by marian222
  New Poetry Site 4434  12  nocte  05/14/2008 09:57AM 
Last Post by nocte
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