eMule 0.60
eMule now supports Torrents !

Compatible with Windows
Compatible with MAC OS X
  • Updated Servers
  • Download Torrents
  • Completely Free


What’s new in the latest update
  • search-torrent-icon

    Torrents Search Engine!

    In this new update we have included something unique, a Torrents Search Engine integrated into eMule 0.60. Are you ready?

    eMule 0.60 is now available for MAC

    Finally emule 0.60 is already here with the same functionality as the Windows version for Mac users.

Best P2P Programs

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MAC OS IconMac
Linux IconLinux
eMule Xtreme Mod
Discover eMule Xtreme!
An eMule Mod with its own particular features that provide enhanced results. This mod uses the most efficient bandwidth available and provides extended functions, better use of resources, an improved credit system and intelligent source handling thanks to "Xtreme Downloadmanager".
Compatible with all Windows OS. More Info
eMule Morph Mod
Download eMule MorphXT!
This Mod has its own features as well as improvements taken from other versions such as Xtreme and FastShare. It offers interesting functional and graphic enhancements, including some very useful new functions such as the anti-leech system.
Compatible with all Windows OS. More Info
eMule ScarAngel Mod
Dare yourself to try ScarAngel!
This Mod offers a wide range of specific mods in addition to those based on Xtreme, MorphXT, and others, providing the user with an infinite number of configurations according to their particular needs. Furthermore, it is constantly evolving, updating itself when the mods on which it is based are updated.
Compatible with all Windows OS. More Info
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