eMule now supports Torrents !

Compatible with Windows
Compatible with Mac OS X
  • Updated Servers
  • Download Torrents
  • Completely Free
What is new in the latest update of eMule
  • emule windows

    Torrents Search Engine!

    In this new update we have included something unique, a Torrents Search Engine integrated into eMule. Are you ready?

     emule mac

    eMule is now available for MAC

    Finally eMule is already here with the same functionality as the Windows version for Mac users.

  • Updated Servers

    eMule beside being totally renewed, it includes for default a list of updated servers. All these servers are fully functioning

  • eMule & Torrent

    eMuleTorrent allows you to share and download shared files through eMule and also torrent files. Why settle for just one?

  • New Interface

    New look&feel for this eMuleTorrent  completely renovated. A much more modern design for a revolutionary program.

  • Quick Search

    Quiet, don’t bother. We put it all at your fingertips. Find everything you want easily and quickly.

  • Faster & Easier

    Thanks to .torrents, everything is faster. Drag your torrent file to your eMuleTorrent and don´t blink. It had never been so fast.

  • Share & comment

    The eMule is linked to our social networks: make your comments, give us your opinion and share. We will improve and grow together!

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